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Hello, soccer enthusiast. Do you love to play soccer on your mobile phone? If yes, then Dls 23 APK OBB is your best option. It is a Replication of a real soccer game. It allows the player to make the team with their favorite players, leading to victory. This game is filled with replicas of famous soccer players worldwide with the same face look, abilities, and skills.

First Touch Games Ltd develops dream league soccer. First Touch Games is an award-winning independent games development studio in Oxford, UK. They develop sports games for mobile platforms, and our best-known products are Score! Hero & Dream League Soccer. Charles Chapman is the CEO and founder of this Company.

Dream League Soccer first launched for IOS on 8 December 2011, and it was first launched for Android on 29 November 2013. Every year, Dream League Soccer comes with a new version.
In DLS 23, you need players to make your team strong. But the thing is, players are expensive to get. But this provided version by apkmool.com helps you to get unlimited coins in your accounts. Using these coins you can get your favorite tone and strengthen your team. This may help you to beat your opponent very quickly in the game. You can unlock premium kinds of stuff through it.

Dls 23 Apk

What is Dls 23 Apk Obb?

DLS 23 apk obb is the latest version of DLS 2022. It is a soccer game. You can enjoy this game on your mobile phone whenever you have sufficient free time. The DLS 23 download will turn your dream into reality. It comes with the ability to sign players from different clubs. You can sign your favorite player from various football clubs.

Some of the top players available in DLS 23 are Erling Haland, Kylian Mbappe, Cristiano Ronaldo, Leonel Messi, and Karim Benzema. You can also increase their skills, abilities, and tactics that help boost your rank divisions. Dream League Soccer apk is a safe and secure application for users, and we consistently produce safe and specific applications for our website visitors.
It is a favorite game of soccer lovers due to its excellent and unique features. Commentary is the most loved feature of this game. If you put ear pods while playing, you will enjoy it. This game has different modes; you can play it online with friends and other players. It is also a multiplayer game. You can play this offline with your friend with a multiplayer option. The same Wi-Fi is necessary for both players to play in multiplayer mode.

Features of DLS 23 APK OBB

Dream League Soccer 23 apk is famous for its features. Here are some unique features. This game has features that allow you to make an artificial team. Then, it takes time to increase your rank from lowest to highest. It gives you coins after every match they store in your wallet. With the help of these coins, you can get your favorite players on your team. DLS has more than 40,000 FIFRO-licensed players. You can select top-ranking players and make your team strong.

Furthermore, this game has different modes, from multiplayer to online and offline. Many players love the offline mode and play with AI bots. But online mode is tricky for new gamers because opponents are real players. Real players strengthen their team and get into the field with top-ranking players. Explore the training area before going to online mode because training improves your gaming skills.
Above all, DLS 23 APK OBB access what you need in the game, such as coins, players, club kits, and unlimited money. Commentary and noise of spectators entertain you. The graphics of this game are unbelievably realistic. It is a complete soccer game. Download this from our website safely and securely.

Dls 23 Apk

Customizable team

Players can create their teams with their favorite players and customize team logos and kits with their favorite colors. They can even create a player with their name and appearance.

Managerial aspects

In this game, players can also work as team managers, making decisions about team tactics, transferring players, and working on player development.

Multiplayer mode

Multiplayer mode is the best feature of DLS 23 apk because it allows you to compete with your friends. It will be enabled only when both players connect with the same hotspot.

Career mode

Career mode allows you to start with a small team and compete in various big tournaments, leagues, and championships.

Graphics and gameplay

This game comes with realistic graphics and impressive gameplay for mobile phones. It offers smooth gameplay and easy control settings.

In-game currency

Like other big games, Dream League has an in-game currency to purchase new players and stadiums to make the game more interesting.

Regular updates

The first touch game keeps the game fresh with updates and adds new features, players, kits, stadiums, and other updates that help run the game smoothly.

Unlimited coins and money

DLS 23 APK OBB gives you access to unlimited coins and in-game items. You can quickly get new players and make your team strong.

Player development

DLS provides abilities to improve their skills and tactics through training and match experience. You can also develop your player skills through coins.

Customizable controls

DLS typically offers players the ability to customize controls to their preferences. It helps the player to play games according to their preferences.

Stadium customization

This game allows you to customize stadiums according to your preferences. It improves the facilities and capacity of the stadium for spectators.

Transfer market

This feature lets you buy and sell players to strengthen your team. You can bring your favorite players to make your dream soccer team.

Online mode

This game has many modes, but the online mode is good for testing your skills. You can compete with real players online.

Goal celebration

In this game, every player celebrates their goal in a style that authentic soccer can do after scoring it, such as Ronaldo celebrating a suit after scoring a goal in DLS 23 apk.

Dls 23 Apk

More features

  • 40000 + FIFRO licensed players
  • Auto-heal injured players
  • Referees and commentary
  • Realistic and enjoyable gameplay
  • Build your dream team
  • Unlock original kits of clubs
  • Buy and sell players
  • Training ground
  • Easy controls
  • Goal replay
  • Get coins by playing matches
  • Easy to download


how can I download Dream League Soccer?

DLS 23 Apk is a Play Store-protected game for iOS and Android. We provide always-protected applications. You can download this application from our website safely and securely.

Is dream league soccer easy to play?

Yes, dream league soccer is a straightforward game for football lovers. If you know authentic soccer, you can easily play this game. You can improve your skills in the training ground.

Can I play Dream League soccer offline?

Yes, you can play this game offline with different clubs and offline tournaments such as the World Cup, Champions League, Premier League, etc.

What are the different modes in DLS 23 APK OBB?

There are various modes in DLS 23, including career mode, multiplayer mode, offline mode, online mode
Training ground.

Can I customize my team kits and logos?

Dream League Soccer allows you to create your team and customize your kit’s colour and logos.

Are there any restrictions to playing DLS 23 apk?

Dream League is generally suitable for players of all ages. It is a Play Store-protected game; parents should consider the content before allowing their children to play.

How to download and install DLS 23 apk OBB

If you want to download this fantastic soccer on your mobile, click the download button on the top. Do not fear about safety. We always provide safe and secure applications on our website for our daily visitors. Applications like this are safe and secure. After downloading, go to the download,d history, click on the downloaded application, and give access to unknown stores to install the game on your mobile device and enjoy soccer at your fingertips.


DLS 23 Apk offers users terrific and realistic soccer gameplay on their mobile phones. This game has unique features and modes that give hours of entertainment to people of all ages. It allows you to create your dream team, compete with your friends, or participate in online events. All Android devices support it, but the thing is, you have to have enough space in your device. Regular updates and every year’s new version make this game close to every soccer player’s heart. Download this game and enjoy.

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