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We are going to announce the best news of today this news is going to be the best part for users. We are introducing you to the Geometry Dash apk the fast 2D platformer game. It is not just a 2D game it is an emotional, feeling, and action journey for a real gamer. A real gamer knows what a game is, what is the best part of the game, what makes it different from other games, and most importantly how its graphics are.

If you are also a real gamer who always looking for a better game then this game is perfect for you. This game offers you lots of new and amazing features, levels, playgrounds, and many more. This game is developed under RobTop Games a famous programmer community. These developers always create an extraordinary game and applications with unique specifications. Lots of people are fans of RobTop Games and play their games.

If you know RobTop Games then you definitely know their work and how perfectly they developed apps. Geometry Dash apk is also made by them with the best ideas, they used many new ideas and added so many new features and characteristics that make this game more fun to play.

This game is trending in the gaming community and taking the mobile gaming world by storm. With easy control and navigation, the Geometry apk offers users a new and unique experience. Players are in love with this game because it is the most simple and best game to play in your free time.

This game is made with joy and love, it feels like you are in a beautiful place, where you are playing game levels with different melodies, music, and many more.

What is Geometry Dash apk?

This game is made for enjoyment purposes. It can be played by anyone, it is made for all genders and ages. It is available for all people whether they are children or young. This game provides a very simple interface that can be utilized by everyone.

Geometry Dash apk supports different modes where players can select modes according to their mood. After choosing a mode players need to select the levels either they want to play hard, normal, or easy. It’s their choice to select a level, if a player is pro then he must decide hard or normal, if a player is not that good then he could choose easy.

But the best part of this application is that if a player newly joins the game then this game suggests a practice mode. In this mode, players can utilize all in-game features and items and come to know about the usage of in-game items. This mode helps newbies to practice their skills and make them better. Good talent or skills help a player perform well in a game. So it is a great mode for newcomers.

The different game levels have different names you can select them by their name, easy levels, normal levels, difficult levels, More difficult levels, and demon levels. You can differentiate between them with their names because their names tell you about the challenges that a player will face after selecting them.

Application nameGeometry Dash
DevelopersRobTop Games
Android RequirementsAndroid 6.0+
Downloads on Playstore5M+
Download Geometry Dash latest version (152MB)

What’s new in Geometry Dash Apk?

The provided version is the latest version of this game, many new unbelievable features and game moods are added in this new geometry dash version 2.2.13. The newest version brings lots of new and challenging levels that make it more attractive for geometry dash players to play. People love to be involved in new game levels and features.

This new version of Dash Apk is going to be very exciting for its lovers who have been involved in this game for a long time. For dying heart fans of the Dash app, version 2.2.13 is the best news of 2024 because in this version developers add many new and exciting features. These features entertain players and keep their players toward their application.

In this game, you have to save your character from barriers by running and jumping. If you miss the jump then you will be out of the game. With time to time game levels get more difficult to play, in the beginning, you find the game easy but after crossing a few levels you will see how harsh this game is.

This game is a never-ending game you can not finish this game in your entire life. This means this game is infinite. The only thing a player needs to do is be careful. Players avoid hitting the barriers that are placed on the land and air. If you can save yourself from these blocks and obstacles you will be able to push your rank to the next level.

What makes Geometry Dash APK pleasing to play?

This game is made with full love and joy, an easy interface, great visuals, HD sound, and challenging levels. All these things make this amazing game attractive and good to play. The Geometry Dash apk is all about passing hard levels. If a player is old then he knows the key factors to play the game at their fingertips. If a player newly enters the game then he is definitely gonna find this game difficult.

Over time new players will also come to know about how to save themselves from the barriers that are located up and down the floor. This game offers an immersive gameplay with background music that affects players’ gameplay. The player can select their favorite music while playing the game.

Geometry Dash APK has a bundle of a variety of music where you can choose the best music according to your mood. The background music makes the player’s mood fresh and positive to play. The choice is yours rather you can choose Geometry Dash to extinguish your free time in the best way. Or you can select those daily boring games.

Difference between Geometry Dash APK and Geometry Dash MOD APK

Our website always provided safe and secure apps to its users from the beginning till now. Our website must save our users from fake software and apps. We do not claim that we developed the apps. We have already mentioned in our privacy policy page that the apps and software that we have provided are third-party applications that are not registered with the Google Play Store.

So we do not prefer or provide mod versions of any application to our users. We provide third-party apps not modded versions. And Geometry Dash APK is also the real file that you can find on the Play Store. This is not the mod apk. This is the real and original application which is registered with the Google Play Store, we have just provided the download link to make the Geometry Dash player easy to find on the internet.

Geometry Dash APKGeometry Dash MOD Apk
Original app registered on PlaystoreCreated with extra coding and not registered on Playstore
Provide original gaming experienceProvide extra features for more benefits
Safe and secure to useIt may be harmful to your ID
DOWNLOAD GEOMETRY DASH APK V2.2.13 (Newest version) DOWNLOAD GEOMETRY DASH APK V2.111 (old version) Download Geometry Dash Lite (Unlocked) 2.2.14.apk

Our website does not provide mod APKs to the client we provide original APK files you can download from the above download button here are three different APK files you can select APK according to your interest.

You can download the Lite version if your device has low RAM or getting lag while playing. This lite version is super fast and applicable to all types of devices. You can also play this game on PC.

Features of Geometry Dash APK

Geometry Dash APK has an unlimited bundle of features you will find the latest version of this game more interesting than the old version. We have already given the download link of old, new, and lite versions of this game to our users.

  • Super fast
  • Easy to use
  • User friendly
  • Latest in-game items
  • More unique
  • HD sound and graphics
  • Variety of levels
  • One-click download
  • Google registered
  • Upto date
  • Always up-to-date
  • Practice mode
  • Hard mode
  • Easy mode
  • Fascinating gameplay
  • Attractive gameplay
  • And many more

To know about all specs and features you need to install it on your device. After downloading it on your smartphone you will be shocked by the immersive gameplay of this game. So download it by clicking on the above download button with the super fast service provided by

Detail Features

Large range of game levels

Geometry Dash APK allows players to try their interests on different levels. It has different levels you can select them to your playing skills. If you are a pro then you can select hard level, if not then easy is good for newbie.

Create your character

The player can make their character according to their point of view. It provides different options to make your character look beautiful.

Practice mode

In practice mode, a new player can practice their skills to develop them. A player can use all necessary items and features in practice mood to know well about them.

Win rewards

After reaching every new level Geometry Dash will give you rewards that can be used to upgrade your character and ID.

Background music

The player can choose background music while playing games that help them to live apart from the spring world.


This game is super fast with the advanced coding used in it that makes it work fast without lagging.

Multiplayer option

Geometry Dash APK 2024 has both option multiplayer and single player. Players can compete with their friends and other players around the world.

How to download and install Geometry Dash APK?

To download this amazing game you need to follow the given steps.

  • Open the browser search Geometry Dash APK and click on a trusted source like
  • Now read the article carefully to understand about this game.
  • After reading the whole article now you will see the download buttons. You can download the latest version of Geometry APK and the old version also. You can also download the Geometry Dash lite APK.
  • Clicking on the download button will begin apk file downloading on your device.
  • Now go to download your file manager and click on the Download file.
  • Before installing Geometry Dash APK or Geometry Dash APK lite you need to give a permit to download unknown sources on your smartphones.
  • After giving permission the apk file will install on your device and you will find it on your main screen.
  • That’s all you need to do.
Help you to pass your free time when you are feeling bored.Sometimes players get frosted when they play it over time.
Lag-free experience with a small size applicationThe battery may be damaged due to over-usage of mobile
Players get disappointed and frustrated when they do not play wellMay hurt mobile performance
Support different game modesPlayers get disappointed and frustrated when they did not play well

Final thoughts

In the end, we hope you guys love this game. Geometry Dash APK is made for both kids and men no age limit. Just download it on your device and enjoy it from today. Before downloading this apk read the given article carefully so you will understand both the advantages and disadvantages of Geometry Dash APK. We have provided the newest version along with old and Geometry Dash lite APK so people find it easily on the internet. We will provide the latest version when this version is updated by the official people of the game.


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