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Finally, Meta has introduced Meta AI assist in its different platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram. This includes different types of new and updated information that can be searched on WhatsApp directly without closing the app.

This new Meta AI Assist feature makes our lives easier by providing the information that we need inside the app without any problem. You can simply search on the search bar of WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram to get assistance from Meta AI.

Meta AI is a chatbot design by artificial intelligence. It provides answers related to all kinds of queries and other topics. You can find Meta AI on different social platforms with its unique purple and blue mix color in the search bar. These new and advanced features introduce Meta to help users in their daily lives.

How to use Meta AI?

Using meta AI assist is very easy to use you need to update your WhatsApp and other meta apps. After updating your application you will see a colorful round icon with blue and purple shades. On the top chat interface, you will see the icon. Click on the icon to command it for different queries and information.

Furthermore, on Instagram, you will also see the same round icon and you can also utilize Meta Assist by clicking on the search bar. Clicking on the search bar also enables the chatbot feature.

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