(120fps) to be presented in Next PUBG Mobile Update 3.2

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120fps in pubg mobile

The legendary game PUBG (Player Unknown Battle Ground) has announced that they are going to introduce 120fps mode in PUBG soon in the next update. This new mode will be available in the next 3.2 update. That offers users better and smoother graphics to play and enjoy.

Krafton announced this good news on 23rd March 2024 that PUBG will be available in 120fps mode from the next update. This news from PUBG become good news for some users and also bad news for a few players. Because many of us play pubg on low devices so after this update those players who are playing with low device memory can face many problems to play pubg.


However, this update may take many changes that make it more attractive and better to play. Like graphics, sound quality, and many more. But from many resources, we came to know that pubg will give us different FPS modes so we can select them according to our device. Medium, High (30 fps), Ultra (40 fps), Extreme (60 fps), Extreme+ (90 fps), and 120 fps.

This will become one of the best visual games that we have ever experienced in 2024 with the latest features and updates. As suspected BGMI (Battleground Mobile India) will also be updating to 120fps soon.

As we know BGMI is also a similar game just like PUBG that can be only played in India. After PUBG got ban in India, developers developed this game a photocopy of Pubg for Indian players. Now this is the most played game in India.

If you guys have low devices and are having trouble playing PUBG and BGMI. We have a unique solution for you that turns your low-RAM device into a gaming beast. Boss sujay injector for pubg and BGMI Injector for Battelgame mobile India.


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