TikTok Regulation in the United States: Factors and Implications

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US TikTok Ban

According to the latest news and facts, we learned that TikTok the world-famous social media platform could be banned in the USA. This reel-making app could be prohibited in the United States if the Chinese company does not sell TikTok.

This social media platform is where people share their daily life reels and videos to entertain and get some income through their accounts. Lots of people in the USA are using TikTok, more than 170 million TikTok users are United.

Many of them use this video-sharing app as their way of income. People get paid by this application if they post reels and videos and get good results on them. TikTok pays them according to views, likes, and impressions.

But according to rumors and news around the globe, we came to know that TikTok is going to be banned in few times in the USA. This is because United wants a Chinese developer to sell it to another company. If they won’t sell it then the US government is going to ban it in the USA soon.

If you are thinking why the United States government wants this from a chines company. Then the answer is simple United States government thinks that ByteDance the company of TikTok can provide the data of 170 million US users to its government. But ByteDance already mentioned that they always care about their user’s data.

But users all around the US are protesting against the bill that has been given in the Senate. Because lots have people depend on this application. People are already using trends against the US government. So the United government could not be able to ban this video-creating application. Mr. Donald Trump the former president of the USA tried to ban this platform in 2020.


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