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Hello gamers we always share free fire and pubg mobile injectors with you but today we want to share a mobile legend bang bang injector called NIX Injector APK that helps you to get all the ML skins, effects, battle effects, drone, and so on for gratis. Read the complete article and follow the steps to get an injector on your device.

Nowadays MLBB is the most loved and popular game among children due to its amazing graphics and features. It is famous because it supports 5v5 multiplayer arena online players love to play this mode of the game. This game has a lot of characters with different abilities skills and battle effects.

Nix injector apk is designed for ML players you will get all the premium skins, characters, and battle effects that help you to win games and become a pro player in a few days. With the utilization of this tool, you will control your game at your fingertips.

ML players love nix injector apk because it is safe secure and workable on all devices Android and IOS. You can access this tool without any hesitation. Injectors like NIX injector apk help new players become pro players easily and compete with other players. If you want to know more about this application read the complete article till the end carefully and benefit from it. To download this injector just click on the download button at the top you will get this injector on your mobile phone.



NIX INJECTOR APK DOWNLOAD is a newly developed tool for mobile legends (ML) players. That helps to get all the premium and paid features and characters without spending a single penny. It is developed by Lansord Nik. It is user-friendly and easy to use players can access all the features without any issue.

Many ML players are always in search of good and workable injectors for the game. Unfortunately, they get Unnecessary and insecure injectors that can affect their account and ranking. This injector is always the topest because players from all over the world use this injector to access the premium features of the games. And it is always recommended for new players to benefit from it.

ML is a very tough game to play and become popular among people day by day. If you enter the game, you need a good character with a lot of skills, and battle effects it is paid in this game. But with the NIX INJECTOR APK, you will access all these paid characters and battle effects, drone view, and many more features for gratis.

If you utilize this injector while playing a game you will get HD graphics on Android devices without any lag or issues. In addition, if you are interested in this tool and want to install it on your device just click on the download button and enjoy the best version of the game.


Nix injector apk Is filled with top features and the developers always add new features in every update. Here are the latest updated features of this injector.

Version 2.2

This is the latest version of Nix Injector Apk v2.2. This version is more powerful and has more features that give players extra strength to get to the game’s top. Lansord NIX makes the Nix Injector with unique and best features that makes it from all other injectors. If a player wants to perform well in MLBB then they should utilize this injector once in their life.

Unlock all skins

Skins play a vital role in the game without premium skins players are always considering noob players many players have pro skills but not enough money to unlock premium skins. By utilizing n.i.x injector v2.2 apk every player can get new skins and compete with others confidently. Here are some popular and new skins of MLBB, marksman, assassin, fighter, support, Aldous to Saitam, chou to Eren, and many more.

Unlock emotes

The main reason for players to use this injector it will give you access to unlock all the emotes of the game you can show off your premium emotes in front of your opponent proudly like a boss.

Unlock effects

With the utilization of the NIX injector apk, you will unlock up to 40+ recall in the game, and in addition, it also unlocks 10+respawn, 11+ elimination, and 5 notification kill effects like backup, crystal, light born, Shinto, summer, starlight for gratis.

Drone view

Drone view is the most important feature in the game you have access to up to 5x zone in all maps and tablet view on your Android devices and a backup option to make it normal.


More features

  • Safe to use
  • Unlock all skins
  • Easy to download
  • Safe and secure
  • No need for any login
  • Up to date
  • Workable on all devices
  • Small in size
  • Free of cost

How to download and install NIX INJECTOR APK?

The downloading process is very simple and easy just click on the download button and it starts downloading. The file will be download in the blink of an eye look for it in downloads click on download file. Enable unknown resources from the setting and get the app on your device.

How to use Nix injector apk?

After the download process you know let me inform you about how to use this injector.
If you click on this injector it will ask for permission you have to allow all the permissions without any hesitation. It will ask for a username write your name or any unknown name to access this application. It will highlight the bugs and ask you to fix the bug follow the instructions and unlock features of the game for you.


Is this the latest version of this injector?

Yes, the developers always update this injector and bring new features to it. This is the latest version of this n.i.x injector v1.5 apk.

Is this injector safe to utilize?

Yes, this injector has millions of users around the globe and it is safe and secure to use.

Can I use this injector on my Android device?

Yes, this injector is very small in size and easily run on any device.


I’m pretty sure that you can enjoy the features of the NIX INJECTOR APK. This injector is very close to the heart of every mobile legend player because of its amazing features. It will unlock all the paid skins and battle effects without spending a single penny. If you are a ML player and want to get these features for free just click the download button and enjoy the game as a king.

When you search for the best tool online you will find lots of applications but all of them are payable you have to give something to use it. But n.i.x injector v1.5 apk the ultimate way for MLBB will make your Mobile legend more attractive and easy to play.

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